About Peoples Club of Nigeria International

Peoples Club of Nigeria International (PCNI) is an exclusive, elite social club of the most distinguished and eminent Nigerians who appreciate the finest things in life. Membership gives one the opportunity to expand one’s social circle and network with like-minded people in a relaxed, entertaining environment.

Peoples Club of Nigeria International (PCNI) Baltimore was inaugurated on Saturday, July 23, 2016. The branch hosted membership dignitaries, including the National President Chief Dr Sir Joe Ilonze (Eze Ugonna), HRH Igwe Patron Barr. L. O. Arinze, Chief Barr Fidelis Onyebueke (National Legal Adviser) as the national delegates from the Headquarter Onitsha, Nigeria. In attendance were host of Patrons, National Officers, Chairmen Emeritus, Branch Chairmen and Secretaries, Honorable and Honorary Members and non-member guests. The venue of the inauguration and induction of pioneer members was Sheraton Hotel North Baltimore, Towson, Maryland. The members and guests occupied the hotel from Friday, July 22 through Sunday, July 24, 2016. PCNI Baltimore founding members are Chief Sir Kaliozo Marius Chukwurah (Odum Nimo) - Founding Chairman, Sir Emma Mgboji (Akukwesiri) Founding 1st Vice Chairman, Sir Kizito Albert-Nzekwesi (Mgbedike) Founding 2nd Vice Chairman; Chief Dr Sir Emma Onyekwere (Ugo Eji Ejemba) Founding Secretary, Chief PC Adibe (Eze Omenuko Aku) Founding Treasurer/Admission Director, Duke Tino Odemena (Ochendo) Founding PRO, and Sir Dave Okeke (Omenka) Founding Member.

The Founding Honorary Ladies are Lady/Mrs. Nkoli Chukwurah (IruUgo) - Founding First Lady, Lady/Mrs. Peacemaker Mgboji (Akwaugo), Lady/Mrs. Modesta Albert-Nzekwesi, Lady /Mrs. Jovita Onyekwere, Lolo/Mrs. Chika Adibe (Obidiya), Duchess Mrs. Clara Odemena, and Lady/Mrs. Chinwe Okeke (Ugodiya). PCNI Baltimore is sponsored by PCNI Washington DC Branch under Branch Chairman Sir Joe Njoku Jr (Ugodiohamma) and Secretary Sir Ejimofor Nwadije (Akulouno). PCNI Baltimore is an elite branch of Peoples Club of Nigeria International. We are non-profit, non-political and non-partisan. Our membership is open to anyone that meets our basic requirement. We have resolved to go back to the founding principles of People Club of Nigeria but to inculcate innovative programs and initiatives to bridge the generational gap. Our mission is to offer our membership comfortable environment where they will grow and prosper socially. Our affairs are devoid of politics, personal acrimony or animosity.

Our membership is made up of reputable, honorable people who have achieved success in their chosen fields and are unapologetic about celebrating their prosperity, in a congenial environment and in the spirit of unity, love & service. PCNI Baltimore is not a club for the rich. There are lots of rich people that have been rejected for membership to PCNI-Baltimore. It is however, a club for the successful. Membership has its obligations. And it will be fair to say that if you are poor, Peoples club of Nigeria International would not make a good fit for you. PCNI Baltimore does not have ostentatious members. Instead, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a highly educated, highly successful and diverse membership that embody class and integrity – the hallmark of Peoples Club of Nigeria. International. Contrary to some belief, Peoples Club of Nigeria is not a secret society. All our activities are open.

Brief History of Peoples Club
Peoples club was formed in 1971 in Aba (Abia state of Nigeria) by a small group of individuals led by Chief Titus I. Ume-Ezeoke of blessed memory. Inauguration of Onitsha and Enugu branches followed in 1972. It was a period of hopelessness following the devastation of the Nigeria civil war which ended in 1970. It was formed with the spirit of uniting people of like-minds, for social interaction. It was timely and it was well received because of it’s founding principle of “be your brother’s Keeper” embodied in its motto: unity, love & service.
Since the initial formation, it has grown like wild fire.

By the year 2000, there was a branch of Peoples Club in every major city in Nigeria. Peoples club headquarters is in Onitsha, located at Onitsha-Owerri RD, Anambra state of Nigeria. Peoples Club of Nigeria International has a well-structured organization, protocols, bylaws and constitution. Peoples Club of Nigeria International is often imitated but seldom duplicated. Since 1971, there have been a rash of other clubs, that were formed to compete with Peoples club, but none of them have been nearly as successful. This continual success and growth is credited to its membership for their love, loyalty and dedication to this elite organization.

Peoples Club international

Peoples Club of Nigeria chartered the first international Branch to Houston, Texas in 1989. Since then other branches have followed: London, Washington DC, Galveston TX, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, New York City, Cherry Hill NJ, Dallas, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Preston NJ, NY City, Chicago, Arlington TX, Austin TX, Orlando, and now Baltimore, MD as the 19th active branch in diaspora and 42nd active branch in the world.

Peoples Club Protocol
Perhaps more than anything else, our protocol is what separates Peoples Club of Nigeria from every other organization out there. It is what gives the club it’s distinct flavor and elevates it above all other organization of its kind.

Peoples Club’s code of conduct or protocol!
Everything in Peoples Club of Nigeria follows a certain formality and etiquette. Peoples Club of Nigeria membership is about respect for each other, recognition for each other and adherence to a strict code of social ethics and decorum. Peoples Club of Nigeria International is about class, elegance and nobility, in the pursuit of happiness. From the pageantry and ovation of simple entrance of members, to sitting arrangements, to the way they talk and when they talk, Peoples Club members exude enthusiasm, orderliness and discipline. They have a superior sense of hierarchy, procedure and comportment. Members are title as Honorable class of the society! In Peoples Club, there is no hurry. It must be done right. It is a matter of protocol!